Lounge Corp. at Satellite Art Show (2016)

Site specific installation in dialogue with the unique characteristics of the Parisian Hotel and the general aesthetic of the Miami Beach tourist scene­ which is both kitsch and glamorous.

To directly address the attributes of the Parisian and the dimensions of the hotel room, Lounge Corp. focused on the use of carpet, found throughout the Parisian and in many other sea­side motels. Soft and warm yet shabby and frayed, the carpet carries the history of each guest, despite the repetitive and incessant attempts of the hotel’s vacuum cleaner to erase it.

Artists were curated into the carpet installation, invited to create work inspired by objects that could be found in a hotel room, transforming the room into a collaborative indoor sculpture park.

Participating artist:

Caroline Villard carolinevillard.com
Eli Barak elibarak.com
Franco Frontera francofrontera.com
Kaja Cxzy Andersen kajacxzyandersen.com
Jonathan Schouela jonathanschouela.com
Ragnheiður Káradóttir ragnheidurkaradottir.com
Scott Ferguson scott-ferguson.net
Sophie Parker sophieparker.net